Easy Money Through Blogging

Promoting Your Blog Using The Social And Bookmark Networks.

Sometimes you come up with a great blog story. You know it will drive you a lot of traffic but you have a problem. None knows about your great blog post. In order to get maximum attention you need to spread the word around. This is where the social / bookmark networks come handy.

What is a social / bookmark network?

It’s a place where you can share your stories or bookmarks with others. Take blog reporter for example. You submit your blog story to the network, allowing other members to vote and comment on it. More popular stories that receive a certain number of votes get promoted to the front page. Most social networks are different. Some even allow you to export a large number of bookmarks straight from your browser.

Why social networks?

1) Social networks get a lot of traffic due to their nature. Users often return to read the latest stories and share their own.
2) Readers are usually only one click away from your blog. A popular submission can bring you thousands of daily visitors.
3) Most social networks are free and take seconds to register and submit your first entry.
4) You will be surprised when you see the amount of other websites that use feeds from various social networks. A good story can spread across the network like wild fire.
5) If your story will not get to the front page you can always submit another one. In most cases there is no limit on the amount of stories you can submit.
6) Most social networks are search engine friendly. Not only your story will be picked up by major search engines in no time, in most cases you will also get a reciprocal link. Some social networks have very good google page rank (PR)

Tips and tricks:

1) An interesting, catchy story is often a must. Your main target is to get promoted to the front page by getting enough votes. You need to convince other readers to vote for your story. Strange, shocking and controversial stories often do well.
2) You can always ask your friends to join and vote for you in order to get more votes. Don’t create fake accounts because you will simply get banned.
3) The more stories you submit the better. If you want a steady flow of traffic you will need a steady flow of submissions.
4) Just enjoy your experience. I certainly find it more interesting compared to other methods of blog promotion, such as link development.

There are a lot of various social networks around. Simple search on google should do the trick. I personally recommend blog reporter because it is the first personal publishing network designed especially for blogs.

Ways of How to Get More Subscribers For Your Blog

Do you want to make your blog to maximum success? With no doubt that subscribers are the most important asset of a blog. And in case of that you lose your blog you will still own their email address and be able to get to them. So winning more subscribers is the key point to be successes. How to get more subscribers? This article tells you several ways to increase number of subscriptions.

Should You Use Free Blog Services?

I’m going to be perfectly straightforward with you here about blogging. If you are looking to present a professional image on the Internet via blogging, the last thing that you would want to do is to use one of the free blog services that are available. Yes, they are easy to use but they do not portray a professional image that most of us are trying to keep. On the other hand, if you are trying to run a personal blog in order to communicate with family and friends, using one of the free blogging services is a perfect idea for you. Here are some things for you to keep in mind.

First of all, there are hundreds of free blogging services for you to choose from. Some of them are from familiar companies, such as Google and Yahoo. Others, however, are part of the new Web 2.0 platforms that are popping up all over the Internet and generally have names that are difficult to pronounce. The problem with choosing from among all of these free blog services is that there are so many different options that are available. For example, many of these new Web 2.0 platforms will allow you to be part of a community. Other, more simple blogging platforms allow you to stand alone.

One of the most popular of these free blog services is . This company is owned by Google and that is one of the reasons why many people choose this as their blogging platform of choice. This is especially the case if somebody is trying to get people to follow what they are saying on their blog by pulling them from the search engines. Since is owned by Google, it is more likely that your blog is going to end up on the search engine and you may see some traffic for your efforts.

Of course, some of the other free blog services that are available are more robust than the service. If you are simply interested in posting some personal information for friends to view, you might want to choose one of these services. With additional templates and ease of use, they really make the entire blogging experience one that is pleasant. You can then begin posting your information and enjoying your blog almost right away. In the end the question on whether or not to use free blog services comes down to purpose of your blog.

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

With so many different types of blogs out there today, you need to make sure that yours targets your specific audience. It will NEED to stand out from the rest and be unique. Before you actually start blogging, you should step back just a moment and do a little bit of research. Compare a few other sites to get an idea of the design and content they are providing to their readers. Soon you will discover the bad from the good ones. When you are ready to start , keep in mind the successful sites that you came across while researching. This will help you stay on track.

What does a successful blog design contain?

Having a credible well designed blog will show your visitors and readers that you know what you are doing; this will raise the bar in your benefit. Having a combination of unique images and well written text will help engage your readers. If you are comfortable in this area, you may want to place audio, video and other forms of media as well. This often helps attract readers and keeps them engaged with appeal and value.

Custom Designed vs. Free

Today you have a variety of options to create eye catching blogs. Many of these options are free, or take little money. Designing your own free site is quick and easy. The downfall is that many times it may look unprofessional. Many other owners may have the same template, or your blog will look like someone else’s and will leave you feeling a bit disappointed. Do you really want your house on your block to look the same as your neighbor’s house? Saving a buck is not always the best option. Once you have saved money on hosting, you have really lost money on your blog site because you will be looked over or missed; you have nothing that stands out to your readers.

How to get a professional looking design?

A professional web design company can design a custom template as well as an interactive one that will help you stand out from the rest of the blogging crowd. Flying Cow Design, not only provides custom blog design services, they also provide hosting services.

Having web hosting and domain registration is important to keep your blogging up to standards as well as helping your target audience reache it. Many times it will say it all in your domain name, how your domain name reads could make or break your blog site.

Why do you need paid hosting?

Having a reliable hosting company will keep your blog online and ready to go 24 hours a day 7 days a week without any type of interruption of service. Paid hosting is the only way to assure your service is uninterrupted. However, with a free host you are not guaranteed anything. Free blogging is mainly good for personal use and not for serious business use.

Having a successful blog is not a hard task to accomplish, however, as long as you find the best web design company to design your custom blog with interesting content you will be successful.

Custom Blog Design ? Making The Most Of Them For Business Success

Having a good online presence has become extremely important today in the world of marketing. As such, you will have to ensure that you have yourself covered in all directions ? be it a good website, a good email marketing plan or a good blog.

A custom blog can make a huge difference to your customer base, helping you to generate more and more interest in your products and thereby increasing the business rate. You can start your own functional custom blog in less than twenty four hours, with the right knowledge. In order to get your blog in order, you will first need your own domain name ? your own space to host the pages or blog.

Getting started

You will need your own domain name and some server space for hosting the blog. It?s your little piece of web real estate. In addition to the theme of your page, you will also require some plug-ins to make it more effective. Some plug-ins will help you even earn revenue with each click on the advertisement. There are many other helpful plug-ins that you can include in the custom blog.

Documenting your market

In order to make a custom blog, it is important that you create your own niche area, using good keywords that are relevant to what you want to market. Make it a point to use the keywords at least at a density of two to three percent.

Make the articles lucid and easy to read. They should be strong enough to pique the interest and curiosity of your readers. Start with about a dozen articles or less and then move on from there.

Designing that works

In order to create a custom blog that is going to make your product even more popular, you should design the theme of the webpage, keeping in mind the SEO needs. You may have to continuously alter the conflicts in the plug-ins that you add in the site.

Promoting the blog

Once you are done with the setting up of the blog, you will have to ensure that enough people know about it. For this, you should first bookmark your site and then publish it, with the help of various networking sites and accounts.

Make sure that you use the keywords and the anchor texts while adding the site to the directories. The basic aim is to lure the search engines to your blog with the help of the keywords, so that they give you a good ranking in the search results. Do not forget to create backlinks to your blog in various other blogs and forums.

Yet another great way of promoting your blog is by starting contests in your blog. Though this entails some expense, it can increase the popularity of your blog to a very large extent. Do not forget to encourage comments from viewers, as this will again increase the popularity of the blog site.

A custom blog is a great way to ensure that you get more traffic to your site. It can be used to compliment your website, or simply act as a standalone site – a mini website for your products and your business.

How To Create A Successful Blog Easily?

The concept of Web 2.0 has created a revolution over the Internet. It has single handedly created the new Internet, which caters to the businessman looking out for business as well as the individual who wishes to have clear, brief and factual information.

If Web 2.0 is the heart of new and successful Internet, the power of Blogging is the very spine of this amazing concept called Web 2.0. The interesting part is that you can create a blog about almost everything and anything in this world around you. Blog is a personal website, which is stored on a common server. So you can create a blog about yourself, your job, basically your own diary.

Blogging is a benefit to the new Internet Marketer. They can actually market and launch their product to the general public almost for free. Here are 5 tips to creating a successful Blog.

Give the Content, First: Say whatever you wish to say to your reader before you even get into the ad-mad world of the Internet. Make sure that the content is suitable and witty and yet simple and brief. In this era of attention deficit, everyone prefers to read simple and concise content rather than reading a tome of knowledge that you have to offer. Be it about yourself or about any product that you are marketing.

Also, make it a point to stress for original and factual content as far as possible. If possible, make it a point to look after the formatting of the content and the website in such a way that the reader comes to your blog to rest and read, rather than read and run. More time spent on your blog just means that you have more time to convince the random web visitor into a likely client.

Wit: All said and done, the Blog is your personal space, and you can be a bit creative and informal while you writing on your blog. In fact, the individuality of the blog makes it unique.

Lay out the Layout: Every Blog website comes with its own default themes which you can choose. You do not have to be a usability guru to understand which theme and layout would be the best for your users. I would suggest that you use an eye-pleasing and brain-cooling theme for your blog. Yes, that means that black backgrounds are out, and so are huge, larger than life font sizes and font shapes. A essential tip while we are on fonts: Make it a point to use only those fonts that are generally available on the personal computer. If you do wish to use another font, at least make it a point to keep the common fonts, like Arial, verdana and times new roman as options while making out the blog page. Ensure that the layout is not too jumbled and is easy to navigate and move around in.
Describe Your Blog: It is very necessary for you to describe your blog first to yourself and then the reader. Remember that a professional blog and a private blog are much different and never the twain shall meet.

Do Not Information Over Load: Yes, that nifty trivia widget you have found looks cute, but try to think and decide whether it will add any extra or actual value to your blog. Too many external widgets or modules will just render your blog into a heavy lard of web coding that does not work this way or that.

How to Make Money on The Web

Learning how to make money online is a game changer for your life. The reason is in the extreme numbers of people who are online all around the globe, every second of every day. The 1st important secret is to understand the web market.

The Internet market is not a mass market. Mass marketing used to be the key on television and radio, however if you pay very close attention those mediums have gone to niche marketing too. For instance, watch your favorite show and write down each product spoken about on the commercials. With your completed list, find the market by age, sex, and interests. That is the big key about how to make money online.

Your first step is to identify a market that you want to profit from online. Once you have the market completely identified by age, sex and interest, then you can figure out different products that your niche market would be interested in purchasing.

Starting with a list of your top 3 products, you now look for the products online. Try Amazon and other online stores where you can sign up as an partner and send people to your specific product pages. The more surfers from your specific niche that visit the product page, the more chances of you getting a sale and the commission.

At this point you should be an affiliate of an online sales site. You have a URL of each sales page with the specific products you want to publicize. Now you must advertise those pages online to bring your niche market to them.

You can then choose various ways to attract visitors like writing a blog that is all about the specific life style of the niche market. For instance if I were selling tennis balls, I would not write blog entries about tennis balls, but I would write about tennis attire, tennis etiquette, tennis tournaments, etc. These articles would interest my market.

Within the blog you would then make four or five mentions or recommendations about your three products that are tennis related. How to make money online is that you would connect those phrases to your tennis ball page and the likewise with the other products.

The more interesting your content in the blog, the more visitors your blog will receive. The more visitors to your blog, the more visitors to your product pages, and the more visitors to your product pages, the more tennis ball buyers you convert. Conversion is the term that is equal to the number of sales divided by the number of visitors.

How to make money online is very easy because all you need to do is sell a specific target market the types of products they want. There are ways to figure out what products they want by studying Google Key Words, by researching eBay’s hot products and other free available information that is online.

How to make more money online is to become a accomplished blog writer that offers your niche market something interesting to them and valuable enough to them to keep your market coming back. How to make money online then becomes a numbers game. The more visitors you attract, the more sales you will receive.

Rob Benwell And Blogging To The Bank Review

Rob Benwell is perhaps the most successful blogger on the internet today. The proof is that Blogging to the Bank is up to it’s 3rd version in only two years. Rob really does update his information to ensure his customers are getting the latest techniques to make money online.

The great aspect of Blogging to the Bank is that it is for everyone. If you already have blogs that are struggling to earn even a few dollars a month, or if you are just starting out you can pick up Rob Benwell’s program and fast track your way to generating traffic and income.

The guide contains perhaps the most comprehensive techniques to specifically generate traffic to your site. But that is just the start Rob goes through the complete road map and calls it “The BluePrint of a Blogging Millionaire.”

Perhaps the best aspect I liked about this guide is that Rob not only shows you how to make ongoing money with a blog, but importantly shows you once you have a successful blog up and running that you also have the option to SELL the blog for six figures or more! A lot of other guides I have reviewed missed this aspect.

Selling your blog is a fantastic way to make money. Some people do not always like the aspect of having to constantly update their blog sites. But are experts in setting up blogs to ensure maximum revenue and traffic. While not a comprehensive guide Rob has specific detail about this little known technique of ‘site flipping’.

Think of it as building a basic a house and reselling. You create the site and sell it for huge profits. You can even purchase other people’s blogs that have done a poor job, fix them with the techniques you learn in this guide and re-sell for massive profits! You need to think of you blog as an online asset.

Another aspect that is missed by blogging guides is the importance of email list building. Most guides fail to understand why list building is still a key aspect to make money EVEN when you have a blog. Most people assume that since I have a blog site and update regularly and has an RSS feed I do not need to have an opt-in strategy. Blogging to the Bank goes into detail as to why this is important and a key source of your income.

What about if you do not have a blog and don’t know where to get started? Don’t worry, Blogging to the Bank really caters to the novice with specific strategies on selecting the correct niche that will ensure you can make money. It is important however to understand that you need a niche that YOU are interested in. I think that is one aspect Rob misses in this guide.

If you have no interest in the niche that you are blogging about it is going to eventually turn into a grind and this will come across in the content that you produce. This aspect of blogging can be a whole topic in itself, perhaps Rob will update it in Blogging to the Bank 4! It is important to have a passion about your blogs topic. As someone that has followed Rob Benwell’s techniques, where I have had a personal interest in that niche my income has been 2-3 times greater. Simply because I did more, created more content, worked harder to get traffic and generally enjoyed blogging more.

Result, I got greater rewards. It is not just about selecting profitable niches. The key is a niche that is profitable AND you have an interest in.

For people that are also new, or even for those that already have blogs, Rob goes into specific SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to generate traffic and ensure you have high rankings in search engines. Updated for version 3, Rob explores specific Web 2.0 traffic generating techniques. I had not really thought much of social bookmarking and social sites as a method of generating traffic and stuck mainly to article marketing.

But Rob really opened my eyes to what I was missing out on. Think more then MySpace or Facebook here. I came across sites that I had never heard of that now generate 100’s of visitors to my blogs AND have implemented the techniques to many other standard websites.

The basics of creating your blog. While this seems like a trivial point, it is perhaps one of the keys to ensuring your success. Sites such as Blogger and Typepad are great platforms and allow novice users that simply want a personal blog to get up and running very quickly.

But if you want to make money blogging, Rob goes into the specifics why owning your blog with your OWN domain name is a key to success. Rob even walks through the basics of how to register a domain and select a host provider. It is much easier then you think and only takes a few minutes to set-up.

These are the main points that I personally appreciated from Blogging to the Bank, Rob Benwell is thanked on a daily basis for the assistance and techniques he teaches people on how to make money online. If this is something you have struggled with or are looking to start a blog then Blogging to the Bank is a complete comprehensive guide.

20 Million Bloggers And Counting ? The Stats Of The Blogosphere

It is confirmed. The Blogosphere continues to grow at a pace no one has anticipated. In fact, it would be very difficult to quote a number as the total tends to change by the second of every day.

The Blogosphere Report

According to the State of the Blogosphere report as of February 2006, Technorati is tracking 27.2 million weblogs and is expected to double about every 5.5 months. The Blogosphere as it is at present is estimated to be over 60 times bigger than it was three years ago. New blog creation is placed at over 75,000 new weblogs everyday which translate to an average of one weblog created every second. It has also been noted that 13.7 million bloggers are still posting three months after its blog creation. This sends a clear message that blogging is becoming a habitual activity.

The report on the Blogosphere growth made in October 2005, showed Technorati tracking 19.6 million weblogs which was expected to double every five months. During this time, there were about 70,000 new weblogs created everyday and that the blogosphere was estimated to be over 30 times as big as three years prior to the report. A comparison between these two recent reports would show that the blogosphere growth is showing no signs of letting-up at the present. Reports prior to that of October 2005 will support this thinking.

While growth brings its benefits as well as its downside, the increasing popularity of blogs brought with it the proliferation of ?spings? or spam pings. These are fake or bogus notifications that a blog has been updated. It is believed that it accounts for as much as 60% of the total pings received by Technorati. This prompted the development of a sophisticated system that mitigates the spings and helps keep spam blogs out of their indexes. Technorati?s efforts on working against this problem are continuous and in cooperation with other players such as Google, Yahoo! and others. Another aspect of the problem is the considerable percentage of new blogs that are either spam, machine-generated or attempts to create link farms or click fraud.

There are about 1.2 million posts made each day and a number of spikes in posting volume are generally seen during major news events. It has become impossible to read all the relevant posts to an issue or subject due to the sheer number of choices. Again, a challenge has been presented as to how to find the most interesting and most authoritative information in a monstrous sea of conversation.

This problem is being sought to be countered through the use of tagging. This is essentially a simple way for bloggers to categorize their posts to assist the searchers in their quest for the right information. There are thousands of categories that have been created to attract influential bloggers to write while more are created everyday to provide the most comprehensive coverage for the reader?s varied needs and requirements.

Most blogs are personal but many of which feature the new influences of consumer decisions. These are the consumers that provide feedback about large brands ranging from positive raves of product excellence to rants about the latest product recall. These have prompted more businesses to consider the relevance of maintaining a blog as part of their regular activities. With so much freedom and availability of on-line information or misinformation, any business would benefit from having their own conversation forum for their brands, products and services to protect their reputation. Blogs provide the chance to give the other side of the story especially for businesses that are on siege with negative feedback.

The Blogosphere Statistics

In the year 2004, which was considered the Year of the Blog, some interesting facts came to the fore with regards to blog readership. A very sharp increase was noted during the most part of the year despite the fact that most American Internet users have no clear idea about blogs. The increase in interest was evident on both the creation and demand sides.

The surge in blog creation and readership was partly credited to the fact that 2004 was an election year in the U.S. with a highly divided electorate. The concentration was on political blogs which spilled over into other areas. Spikes on blog activities were readily seen during Iowa?s caucuses, the beheading of Nicholas Berg and the Southeast Asian Tsunami catastrophe, among others. Blog traffic tends to spike sharply when certain web-communicable events occur.

In a survey conducted during the same year, it was found out that 57% of bloggers are male, 48% are under 30 years of age, 82% have on-line experience for six years or more, 42% live in households earning over $50,000 income annually, 70% have broadband connection at home and 39% have college or graduate degrees. It was also the year that the conversational dynamics of blogs caught on. A considerable percentage of American Internet users have posted comments or other materials on blogs and are regular blog readers. The more active bloggers update their blogs regularly resulting to more than 275,000 posts daily or approximately 11,000 updates an hour.

In the same breath, there seems to be some initial data that says less than 10% of women are political bloggers and approximately 20% only of blog readers are women. There also seems to be a belief that the blogosphere is elite because of the qualifications of most of its bloggers as well as its readers. Its present composition however, may not exactly agree with the said data as gender and educational background have long ceased to be exclusive factors to be considered. Generally, as long as someone has something to say or contribute, the blogosphere will always welcome him/her with open arms.

Several other studies indicate that most blogs are abandoned soon after creation and that only a few are updated regularly. The average lifespan of a blog is very short. Most blogs do not even reach 100 days while some gets abandoned after a year or more. A typical blog would be one that is written by a teenager updating friends of daily happenings in his/her life. The tone would be very informal with no particular concern for form and spelling.

With the phenomenal popularity of blogs, some are quick to point out that it is about to reach its peak and suffer the same fate as an outdated fashion. Blogs? attraction can be largely attributed to the novelty attached to it, but it can be tiring when overdone. Bloggers should look for that balance where frequency and relevance come together.

Blogging may be replaced sometime in the future by some technical innovations. That is just the way it is in modern technology. The good thing about it is that some things like the need to converse with another would remain. So even if blogging goes, a better alternative would surely come that would serve the same purpose, but definitely in an improved way.

3 Killer Tactics For Making Money From Ads On Your Blog

I remember back in 2007 when I created my first blog, It was the central hub for my online marketing ventures. I would log on whenever I could and post about what I had been up to, sharing methods and advice with my subscribers. Little did I know that there was money to be made directly from my blog from advertising, but it did not take long for me to do a little research and implement some methods to help my blog bring in the Dollars.

There are at least 3 killer tactics for making money from ads on your blog and they are:

1. Paid Ads. If your blog gets a decent amount of traffic people are quite happy to pay you to advertise their product, service or website on your site. The most effective way to find people who would like to pay you to advertise for them is to simply write a post advertising the fact you are willing to advertise someones product etc. There is not set price for this as value can depend on how much traffic your blog receives, ad positioning, etc, prices would be negotiated between you and the customer to make sure the cost suits both parties, usually the advertisement incurs a monthly fee from the customer depending on how long he/she would like you to advertise their product etc.

2. Banner Ads. Banner ads are graphics which you place on your blog advertising any site, product or service which has banners for you to use. You receive payment in the form of affiliate find banners to advertise on your blog, simply search the Internet for products related to your niche and find the affiliate section of their site, in most cases you simply have to copy and paste the HTML code into your blog to make the banner visible. Banner ads are good way to make money and also a good way to make your blog aesthetically pleasing and depending on the commissions available from the product owner, can make you a great deal of cash.

3.Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a pay per click advertising system where by google automatically tailors the ads depending on keywords in your site, for example if your niche is Dog Training and you often refer to Dog Training in your blog, then google will recognize this and tailor the ads to the Dog Training niche. You get paid each time an ad is clicked. The beauty of this type of advertising is you don’t need to make a sale to earn money.

Advertising on your blog is a good way to earn some extra Dollars, however you must make sure you don’t make the mistake of advertising products irrelevant to your niche on your site as people who are looking at your Internet Marketing site are not likely to be interested in Gardening products. nevertheless if you implement these methods on your blog I am sure you will start to see some extra cash roll into your account.