Learning Experience of WordPress Process And Skills

Mainly is for everyone to say before studying under the wordpress method and probably needs to grasp things, such as HTML, div + CSS if want to know of some functions within the wordpress specific methods and effect of what, also need to master the PHP language, which, of course, need more system to learn.

This article speak about my study the process of wordpress (back what I said is refers to wp wordpress), to tell you the truth I’m learning wp hasn’t seen any relevant when the video tutorial wp, I remember when I first started learning is also search the web for information, such as wp theme templates make document, and making the wp theme need to know what function, I see some things of the document. Then according to their own understanding to in practice to operate.

If the first is just contact wp must be familiar with and master is operating wp backstage, I also just came up to a fundamental wp all understand, swollen yao do? Very simple is operating, repeatedly operation. I remember I was learning, because we do is foreign trade all wp backstage in English, to tell you the truth was pain (because English is very rotten) but can’t still have to see, the Chinese version if don’t know under what meaning is to look at the Chinese version is what meaning, then a a point almost every menu every Settings are not to put, then go to the front desk see effect, if not the effect is to go online to find information set this what role. Wp version or 2 at the time of the beginning of, the function and the current version so much. But now the version I how didn’t go that way before a a familiar zilpah, wp each update that have what new stuff out, all need to know these new function, also don’t have to be familiar with how, as long as it is good to know how to operate. Familiar with the wp backstage, started making wp template, to the interrupt our wp in familiar background process as far as possible when using the default theme wp, because it is the basic code of the wp includes function. Good continued wp template for making, first is understanding the theme of the some of the basic document structure, such as making a comprehensive wp need to include which document, this I wp file structure in this article have said, need to go to see, very simple. But understand the role of every file for when I start learning a little difficulty, and then I went to see him the default theme, I change it to the default theme, for example, saw a code are not clear what role I put it off and then go to the front desk comments to see the effect, and then he is to himself said ‘oh be this function’, then put the annotation of code to recovery, and I remember the default theme of change of a shadow. I so notes-> display-> view-> back one step one step of operation of each code familiar slowly function, and then began to custom templates, one step one step of operation. Not clear words in to the default theme there, some things clear directly from the default theme there directly copy paste, oneself also slowly summary, such as making stencil the theme of the first time head (header. The PHP) body (index. PHP) foot (footer. PHP) to show out, so the overall outline the probably afterwards, and then the body (index. PHP) in decomposed into parts, such as feed sidebar (sidebar. PHP) classification (category. The PHP), archive (archive. PHP) and so on, and then decomposition of these things mainly display where? Of course is for them to prepare the place that alone (single. PHP) this is clear in structure, but at present or naked? Have to put on clothes not, so we need to give him draw a makeup (style. CSS) clothes (picture)? In (images) documents inside. If want to let it rich move feeling it, it needs to have javascript to help put it on js folder, it is the basic comprehensive theme is molding, everyone have clear? These are I was summed up the process down.

Another is the I say learning div + CSS, learning this, just two words practice at that time, I like to see many template, time to find their own sometimes provide colleagues, and then he went to see or old way that is notes-> display-> view-> recovery in the final summary clear to Internet to find material, the manual. He began the imitation, find some high-definition pictures are best PSD (can be in photoshop inside easy to take picture), and then began to do. Steps in fact are the same, head body your feet. But this need not decompose. Ha ha! This article is a bit more of the said, but is all some probably need to know.

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