Month: November 2018

3 Killer Tactics For Making Money From Ads On Your Blog

I remember back in 2007 when I created my first blog, It was the central hub for my online marketing ventures. I would log on whenever I could and post about what I had been up to, sharing methods and advice with my subscribers. Little did I know that there was money to be made directly from my blog from advertising, but it did not take long for me to do a little research and implement some methods to help my blog bring in the Dollars.

There are at least 3 killer tactics for making money from ads on your blog and they are:

1. Paid Ads. If your blog gets a decent amount of traffic people are quite happy to pay you to advertise their product, service or website on your site. The most effective way to find people who would like to pay you to advertise for them is to simply write a post advertising the fact you are willing to advertise someones product etc. There is not set price for this as value can depend on how much traffic your blog receives, ad positioning, etc, prices would be negotiated between you and the customer to make sure the cost suits both parties, usually the advertisement incurs a monthly fee from the customer depending on how long he/she would like you to advertise their product etc.

2. Banner Ads. Banner ads are graphics which you place on your blog advertising any site, product or service which has banners for you to use. You receive payment in the form of affiliate find banners to advertise on your blog, simply search the Internet for products related to your niche and find the affiliate section of their site, in most cases you simply have to copy and paste the HTML code into your blog to make the banner visible. Banner ads are good way to make money and also a good way to make your blog aesthetically pleasing and depending on the commissions available from the product owner, can make you a great deal of cash.

3.Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a pay per click advertising system where by google automatically tailors the ads depending on keywords in your site, for example if your niche is Dog Training and you often refer to Dog Training in your blog, then google will recognize this and tailor the ads to the Dog Training niche. You get paid each time an ad is clicked. The beauty of this type of advertising is you don’t need to make a sale to earn money.

Advertising on your blog is a good way to earn some extra Dollars, however you must make sure you don’t make the mistake of advertising products irrelevant to your niche on your site as people who are looking at your Internet Marketing site are not likely to be interested in Gardening products. nevertheless if you implement these methods on your blog I am sure you will start to see some extra cash roll into your account.